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Photo by Jivhana Wilhot

Student, writer, musician, programmer.

My general interests in no particular order are:

  • myth and folklore
  • writing and storytelling
  • health and medicine (both physical and mental)
  • thinking, organizing information, and making connections between ideas and people
  • teaching, instructional design
  • sustainability, entrepreneurship
  • platforms and frameworks: thought, tech, or otherwise
  • simplicity, minimalism, mindfulness

I’m always looking to combine my areas of knowledge, which makes teaching, education and entrepreneurship (and what makes them tick) prime areas for further focus later on in life.  I’m a life-long learner even if I’m not in school, but I’m haven’t written off the possibility of pursuing other degrees or doing a combo degree.

Above all, it’s the journey as well as the destination, and I remain open to new possibilities.