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Nova Now Making Its Rounds

Codename: Nova is now making itself at home in the inbox of the first publisher on my list for that story. With any luck, it’ll be the first/last/only publisher, but that’s mere wishful thinking on my part.

The important thing is that I’ve called it done and begun trying to find a home for it.

Some Works In Progress

I’ve added a new page under “Writing” that lists some of my current works-in-progress (WIP), along with their code names (that I’ll also use in tags in subsequent entries).  Want to know what’s up-and-coming?  That’s the place to look.

Did some editing of a second rough draft of Nova this morning and am feeling very good about the story.  It came out strong in the first place, and that made me happy.  Once I can get some feedback from my advanced readers to test the water, this thing is ready to send out and get off my writing plate.