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New Lists For At Flood’s Edge Stories

If you go to the “writing” menu at the top of the page, you’ll find two new links under the “At Flood’s Edge” menu: Stories By Publication, which lists the stories in the order that I post them, and Stories By Rating, which lists them according to how readers vote.

The trend shown is over the last 7 days.

I’m hoping that this will make it easier to find stories–and easier to see how things are shaking up.

I look forward to seeing what happens.

But It’s So Easy

One thing I can see already in the writing I’ve done is that it’s very, very easy to “cheat” and use death or death-related things as the subject of flash fiction.

And after all, why not?

It hits hard.  It hits fast.  It is serious and it is final.

I’ve looked through my queue and see that not all of the stories coming up involve death, but it’s something I very much need to watch out for.