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A Movable Canvas — Tattoos in Yoga – Photographs –

A Movable Canvas — Tattoos in Yoga – Photographs –

By EMILY S. RUEB | For some yoga practitioners, the body is a sacred vessel that should not be tainted. For others, the skin represents a blank, movable canvas for tattoos displaying thoughts, texts and deities that inspire and inform their practice. These works of art, stretched across shoulders, chests, arms and legs, may be tucked away during the workday. But when clothing comes off, as it often does in yoga studios, they are on display for all to see.

Breakin’ Stuff (Site Updates Going On Now)

Edit 6:30 PM Eastern: I think I’ve broken (and fixed) pretty much everything at this point. Done for now. Woo!

I’m changing up the site, so if you’re viewing now, please keep in mind that I’m in the process of making changes right now.

Making Things Out Of Wood

I love (read: find amusing) how people make things out of wood these days and it’s OMG SO COOL.  We spent thousands of years doing it, got distracted by plastic for about fifty of them, and suddenly wood is the new shiny.

Time For Some Updates Around Here

I’ve become frustrated with the theme setup that I’m using one too many times, as well as the structure of the site, so expect some changes around here soon. This is the downside to using these huge, convoluted frameworks/systems (like wordpress, drupal, etc) coming from a programmer perspective: I have zero capability to fix it without plowing through who-knows-how-many lines of code.  Or I could fiddle with themes and plugins and hope I hit some magical combination.  I’ve been trying to resist rolling my own code for the sake of freeing up time for writing and composition, but sometimes….

Meanwhile, I have a few ideas for an ongoing series of posts, as well, and I’m excited to get those rolling now that Number Four is done.

I’m also about four months past-due for a new “About” blurb.  Once a year seems a pretty good time frame for writing them.

Most foreign transcripts and test score docs have student photos. I wish I had cool spikey hair….

Most foreign transcripts and test score docs have student photos. I wish I had cool spikey hair. These two things might be related.