Mummy Trance–Why Not?

So Warren Ellis twittered:

Just saw a call for contribs to a compilation CD in the not-yet-existing musical subgenre of MUMMY TRANCE.

and I thought to myself: “why not?”  I’ve been meaning to spend more time on music lately.

So I cracked open a music program and threw together this quick hack as a proof of concept relating to other work I’ve been fiddling with involving combining electronic and world instrumentation.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend any time investigating alternate scales or instrumentation (whether digital or meatspace) as I wanted a quick “hour-or-so” output just to ensure I didn’t sit on the piece indefinitely.  If I can scrounge up a link for the compilation itself, I might even try to write an Actual Real Piece Of Music to submit.  I have a lot of learning to do, though.

I also avoided the temptation of groans and the like.  Those belong in a Halloween-themed album which I’m hoping to start soon.

PS – Apologies if I play loose or fast with the definition of trance.  I didn’t have time to do my homework on subgenres and their characteristics.

PSS – For someone who’s trying to spend time writing music, my website is woefully equipped to display these files in a meaningful and useful way.  To be fixed soon.

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