August 11th MOROCCO WIP Update


Had a stellar run of editing and writing new text for MOROCCO lately.  The going has been rough lately–it was a relief to hit a stretch where scenes organized themselves into lines like good students and the words came easy.  Further proof that the most important thing is to just keep going.

Total wordcount is now over 30,000 words, up from the original 16,000.  That’s a huge increase, but I knew I would have to add a lot of new stuff in order to fill out the story.  My “completed” rough draft was only a skeleton.

I’m closing in on the end now.  It’s in sight.  I don’t expect the story to go over 35,000.  In most official word count guidelines (if there could be said to be such a thing), 40,000+ words makes it a novel.  How funny would it be that the story I was convinced wasn’t novel-length actually turned out to be so.

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