Responsibility Means…

My 365 image from the 27th reminded me of an old teacher that I had.  We were given sentences to write as punishment any time we did something wrong in class.

His default was “Responsibility means following directions,” but he would also adapt it to meet the infraction in question.

But they always began with “Responsibility means…”

There are multiple ways I could go with this.

The whole idea of punishment in schools (now versus then), that people rarely write by hand any longer, that it could be a good exercise for character-building in fiction or the feel-good sort of post that says “Responsibility means being true to yourself” or some such.

But those are all expected.  Boring.  Cliché.

Instead, I’ll just think about old times past and all the teachers who have made me who I am by being wonderful or terrible.  Images flicker by in my head.  Old Italian math and English teachers (one who once went on a rant about profanity in school and how we never respected it and instead reduced it to, “hey, are you gonna eat that f’ing sandwich?” ), a fifth-grade teacher who kept a pet hamster in his classroom, a high school English teacher who was a little crazy but loved my stories.

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