Oh The Lies We Tell



I have a confession to make: Up until a few weeks ago, I’d never played Scrabble.

The revelation of that little chunk of wisdom to a few friends provoked a few, “really?!” responses.  It came about during my questions and ranting while playing Words With Friends on the iPhone.  “What do you mean it doesn’t allow proper nouns?” I cried.  “Why doesn’t it spell backwards?”

It also doesn’t do very well with medical terminology, in case you were curious.

Beyond being a tidbit, my introduction reminded me of years past when I’d have conversations with friends about Scrabble.  I’d invariably get a response like, “oh, there’s no way I’m playing with you” or “no, you’d totally just win.”  I write, therefore people automatically assume I’m awesome at words and therefore awesome at Scrabble by association.

Which is the furthest thing from the truth, really.  Sure, if I had a good vocabulary (which I don’t, really, and I’m against expanded vocabulary in writing anyways), but the point of Scrabble is to win points, and to do that, you need to understand how the game scores points.

But I never said anything to my friends.  Didn’t want to burst that bubble of awesomeness that they had erected around me.

Far be it from me to dissuade them of the notion.

Oh, the lies we tell or let carry on, eh?

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