June 5th, 2010

I’ve spent some time the last few weeks–including the time since finishing STRANDED–on working on a side project for purposes of promoting Norton’s Ghost.  It’s finished now and I hope to be able to release it sometime next week.  To say I’m excited about sharing it would be an understatement.

I got new glasses.  Five or so years overdue, but better late than never, right?  Apparently I have an extremely big head–no one had anything that fit right.  So in the end, I had to settle.  I’ll be taking the rest of my frame shopping online from now on.  What kind of business is it when I ask, “Can you order anything else in?  You know, something that fits me?” and they say, “Nope”?

Getting STRANDED finished means my path is clear to begin work on the FUTURE project.  I’m trying my best to ignore the pile of printed pages that is STRANDED for now so that it can cool off before I edit it.  I should stow that manuscript away in a box somewhere so it’s not sitting out and taunting me.

At any rate, I spent a while this morning re-familiarizing myself with my notes for codename FUTURE.  I’m very much looking forward to returning to this work.  I had some of the original ideas ten years ago.  I wish I could have written it then–some of the main hooks in the story are technological in nature.  But 19 years old isn’t old enough to write a story like this.    So I’ll have to make do with my soon-to-be-30 self.  I hope I didn’t miss the boat or had someone else already put forth the ideas in this story.  One way to find out, right?

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