Daily and WIP Update: 2010-06-15

Let’s see.  What’ve I been up to lately.

The Norton’s Ghost book trailer is out.  It appears to meet with approval, so that’s definitely a good thing.

I’ve been doing planning for FUTURE. I don’t normally outline, but due to the nature and scope of this story, I think it would be a pretty good idea to try this different approach with my writing.  As I wrote last week (I think), I just wish there was a convenient way to measure how much progress I’m making.  It feels like slow going, but right now I’m squeezing in the work whenever I can.

I’m also due to begin edits on MOROCCO.  Eeeep.  I hope it’s not as terrible as I fear.  With any luck, there are good little story nuggets and tidbits lurking in there and the bad parts won’t be as bad as I think they are.

And if the above weren’t enough, I devoted some time last night to musical pursuits (including figuring out some things in Logic Studio) and am now to vacate the computer in favor on doing some research reading.


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