The “At Flood’s Edge” Project

At Flood’s Edge is an experimental flash fiction project by R Canepa.  New stories hit five times a week on

I’ve wanted to try my hand at writing flash fiction for years.  My other works have been longer and more verbose–flash fiction is a turning away from a style I’ve grown comfortable with.  I want to get better at making each word count.  I want to write fiction that cuts, fiction so tight that it hums and vibrates.

And because I’ve been occupied with other projects like editing Norton’s Ghost, I want to make sure I get back to Actually Writing again (can you hear the capital letters?).

But that’s not all.  I want to try something new.  I want to experiment.

Thus At Flood’s Edge was born.

How it works

I write a flash fiction story in one sitting and one sitting only. Then I post it to the site. These are essentially my rough drafts.  I might fiddle with it a bit, to tighten things up and cut as many words as possible, but major editing came come later.  This is about getting back to producing content and learning.

For purposes of definition, I’m defining flash fiction as anything from 50 to 1,000 words.  To approach zero is divine, but because I’m casting such a wide net for story ideas, I’m giving myself wiggle room to capture as much of a story idea as possible while making every word count.

I also hope to experiment with pre-defined forms of flash fiction, such as specific word counts and story groupings.

My original goal was to pursue this project for a year.  Thus, New Year’s day was the perfect time to start.  A year’s length also figured heavily into my original title, but then I realized my original project name been taken by a recently-published popular book.

That being said, I don’t see any reason to change my original plan.

I don’t know if I can actually pull this off for a whole year.  My mind says to me, “A YEAR?  Are you crazy?” and so I figure that that’s probably what I need to be doing.

The point of such a long duration? To force myself to dig deep.  To try new things.  To clear out a huge list of story ideas that are gathering dust.

A month would be cool.  Three months would be sweet.  Six months would be crazy awesome, and a year would exceed my expectations of myself.  I’m going to try this thing and see where I end up.

I Need Your Help

I intend to self-publish the best stories in a single volume when the project is over.

This is where you come in.

Each story has a rating.  By rating each story as you read, you can help determine which ones make it into the book.

And I’m going to need your encouragement and interaction to make it through to the end.  Stories without readers aren’t much fun.  Stories without feedback don’t help improve my writing.

About Names and The Title

“At Flood’s edge” comes from the following line of cyclical thinking:  flash fiction => flash flood => flood (as in it’s a freaking ton of stories).

The number in the story titles is the sequence in which I’ve written the stories.

Unless otherwise marked, the title is the original phrase / thought that inspired the story.  Stories that I named after they were written are marked with a * at the end.

About The Images

I like awesome pictures and I like helping people promote their work.  Before I post each story, I search out images that hint at the story’s contents and will select one to associate with that story.  Each image should be attributed and are usually CC-licensed.

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