At Flood’s Edge: Week 3 Review

I’m on my lunch break at work, so this update will be a little stream-of-consciousness-style.

I’ve hit a somewhat low point in the project, much of which is summed up in a previous post: A Moment of Doubt.  I’ve seen from experience that there tends to be this kind of drop in enthusiasm during any kind of project.  This one, though, is a little worse due to the publishing conundrum that I mention: post it for free on the site and make it more difficult to publish the story later, or don’t post it and try to find a home for it?

In a way, it’s also a way to test myself.  I believe in putting stuff out there for free, for making it available to anyone who wants to read it.  I believe that doing so is of benefit to everyone involved.  Or so I tell myself.  Perhaps this is me putting my money where my mouth is and  wondering if I do believe in it after all.

I’m thankful that I haven’t hit a writer’s block so far.  Does knocking on a pressed-wood desk count?

In the end, I might hold back the story I wrote this weekend that triggered this whole shakedown, but I’ll continue to post stories for at least this week.  That’ll give me a solid 21 stories.  I refuse to quit during a lull.

In either another post this week or next week’s review, I plan on looking back over the stories I’ve written and commenting on the final output, my thoughts during the writing process, stories that rose and fell (or stayed) in the rankings, and so forth.

I’m looking forward to revisiting them.  It’s been a fun month of stories so far.

Week Three Snapshot

1 #1 The Light At The End of the World
2 #9 Narcoleptic Princess
3 #5 Correct Me If I’m Wrong
4 #8 Like Gods Of The Sun
5 #6 Perfect Days


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