At Flood’s Edge: Week 2 Review

Things are running along, stories are lining up, and people are voting. The basic site was in place last week, and so I haven’t done much work on the site since then. I have some other things in mind, but they’re not time-critical.

I got involved in the #FridayFlash project on Twitter.  I’m looking forward to reading stories and talking with the authors.

I see a lot of 4s and 5s coming in. Thank you all for that. I had hoped that a few stories would rank that high, but so far many of them have surprised me. That’s one interesting about this project: I can see reader opinions and contrast them with my own opinion of the story. One story that I liked will meet with mediocre reception, and another than was just ho-hum to me will elicit a very positive response that I hadn’t expected.

I’ve noticed that readers don’t seem to be voting down the stories they don’t care for. I’ve never had a 1 and have received (I believe) only one 2 rating. It looks to me as if people would rather vote for the one or two stories that they read and liked and then go on their way.

This project is very much an experiment, and so I’d love to hear any feedback that anyone has. Would you rather vote for one or two stories and then be done? Are there too many stories to be able to keep up? Would it be better if there were only 3 stories per week?

Ratings should get more interesting now that there are 11 stories on the site and more coming this week–plenty of room to rise and fall in the Top Five ratings and in the final project ratings. Right now the plan is to take the top 50-60% of the stories for the final compilation. It makes me wish I had some way to show the cut-off point on the story lists. Perhaps that sort of visual representation would encourage readers to vote on other stories, whether to keep them in the top positions or kick others out.

There are still a low number of votes per story, so please keep voting. One vote is enough to make a huge impact.

Thoughts? Opinions? I’d love to hear them.

Week Two Snapshot

1 #10 Synthetic Nation
2 #1 The Light At The End of the World
3 #9 Narcoleptic Princess
4 #5 Correct Me If I’m Wrong
5 #6 Perfect Days

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