#4 Applesauce



Mike from accounting had been so attractive, so interesting, until two weeks ago when Vivian summoned enough courage to go out to lunch with him. It could have been the start of something new.

A new her.

All fantasies ended when she spilled food on herself. She couldn’t bear his gaze, his knowing smirks that said, I saw what you did that day. No one worthwhile would spill food on themselves.

Bad enough that she could no longer eat applesauce without thinking how it ruined her first date.

Then it became his nickname for her. She hadn’t heard it used elsewhere around the office.


Mike came over to her desk and put down a manilla folder.

“Hey Applesauce,” he said. “Can you have these ready for me by this afternoon?”

Vivian stood and belted him in the mouth.

He’d have to eat it for a week until his jaw healed.

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