Too Many Hands In The Cookie Jar

My initial foray into podcasting has been a little complicated.  I gave up on trying to get my tags to show up exactly right when I launched the podcast on the Norton’s Ghost website.  The reason why?

Too many hands in the cookie jar.

Let me illustrate.

  1. I edit together the episode and export it as an MP3.  I then need to edit the tags, so I import it into iTunes (can anyone point out a better tag editor?  It’s the pits) and update my stuff there.  Then I click-and-drag that new file out of iTunes and back to the file system.
  2. I then upload the file to the website.  I create a new post in WordPress, which is running the (out of date) Podpress plugin.
  3. Podpress modifies the WordPress rss feed information to be iTunes and whatnot friendly.
  4. I use feedburner to track stats.  So now I have feedburner pointed to the Podpress-modified WordPress RSS feed and let it work its magic.
  5. iTunes and all other links use the feedburner url.
  6. after subscribing, iTunes uses information contained in the RSS feed to overwrite the id3 tags inside of the MP3 file.

Hopefully one day I can have a simplified chain.


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